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My name is Michelle Scott, aged 40+.  Born and bred Zimbabwean with Italian heritage, have lived in a number of countries but now call South Africa home.

Endurance sport enthusiast (2 x Ironman and Two Oceans Ultra Marathon Finisher, participator in numerous 70.3 Triathlon Distance events, various Marathon and Half Marathon events and numerous MTB Marathon and Stage Race Events including Berg and Bush and Wines to Whales).  In 2020, I qualified as an internationally accredited BICP Mountain Bike Skills Instructor, certified with SSISA in Cycling Science & Physiology and have also become a Member and Student Coach with the Association of British Cycling Coaches.

For those who know me, I think they would best describe me as someone who is … 

a little bit racer, a little bit of hood; but a whole lot of SOUL.

The Mountain Biking Journey

Being a little late to the party of endurance events, I have spent the last 10 years plus putting my body and mind to the test - building it, breaking it and learning to appreciate what it is really capable of doing.

What started out as a hobby and something different to add to my fitness regime and allowed me to join my husband, has turned into a passion. 

My mountain biking journey started a little more than three and a half years ago. I had loved cycling, though all my experience up to that point had only included road and TT riding which resulted in a lot of lower back injuries.

In December 2016 at a friend’s house over Christmas, I met and spoke with a lady who I now have the privilege of calling a friend.  She had been mountain biking for a couple of years, her enthusiasm and excitement for the sport was clear and contagious. She mentioned her start had been through an all ladies group of mixed abilities.  The conversation gave me a flicker of hope, that maybe this too was something I would enjoy and that the more upright position and relaxed kind of riding would be a little easier on my body and that it would get me out and about and riding again.

A day or so later my husband and I visited our local bike shop where we tested a few full suspension 29ers in the car park and at the end of day we walked out with a bike that we thought would do the trick at getting me back out there.  

Shortly afterwards, I took the plunge and signed up to a few one-on-one skills lessons and joined the ladies riding group.   

My love for the sport just grew from there. 

Initially, with my naturally cautious nature, I was happy with riding district roads, wide open single track and walking wooden bridges that were as wide as the average dual carriage way.  I was doing this for the fitness and joy of riding after all.

As time went on, I found the more I rode, the more of a challenge I wanted.  I spent the next year getting fitter on the bike and testing myself just that little bit more.  Still technically inept, 2019 was my year of seeing what I could do to improve my technical ability.  I signed up with a coach who not only built on my fitness but pushed me to improve my flow and technical riding ability.  I was forced into facing some very uncomfortable situations on the bike, all of which I overcame.  I pushed myself to limits I never thought were possible, I fell and cried but got back up stronger and more determined, I laughed, gained wonderful friendships, was able to ride new places and more importantly grow as a person.

The more I challenged myself, the more I realized how much my initial flicker had now turned into a flame and I found that I had a burning desire to share this passion with others and for me, there is no better way to share than to teach from a place of experience and love.

I threw caution to the wind again and decided to get certified as a Professional Mountain Biking Skills Instructor.  After much research, I contacted BICP Africa, signed up for BICPs Level 1 MTB Skills Instructor Course which is internationally accredited, completed the course and certified as a BICP Instructor in February 2020, then two years down the line, in March 2022 I progressed this further, by furthering my knowledge and teaching capabilities by completing my Level 1 Skills Instruction with PMBIA (Professional Mountain Biking Instruction Association).

Whilst continuing to work professionally in the Mountain Bike Skills and Fitness Profession, I am still striving to develop and increase my offerings as a Coach - this is being done by investing more time in improving my knowledge and skillset by aligning with reputable professionals within the industry, continuing my studies to become a Certified Sports and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer and a Level 3 Cycling Coach with the Association of British Cycling Coaches whilst also aiming to attempt a globally recognised certification in Level 2 MTB Skills Instruction within the next 12-18 months.

This development is not only to improve my skillset further but is also to assure my clients (old, new and future) that my knowledge and expertise is current and relevant - giving each person that I work with, Unbiased, Well Informed, Forward Thinking advice and solutions.

Every challenge on the bike has made me realise how strong and capable we are – we can overcome nearly anything put in front of us.

I still have fear, doubts and anxiety as I approach old and new obstacles but I now know that if I look just ahead and through the obstacle, breathe and keep the momentum going, what I think is an obstacle, is not an obstacle at all.

This feeling is liberating and empowering and this is what I want to pass on to you.

As a Professional Mountain Biking Skills Instructor & Fitness Coach, my Goal for You Is:

  • Teach you in a safe environment the core fundamentals of Mountain Biking;
  • Assist you with applying these fundamentals to your riding on the trails;
  • Build your confidence;
  • Empower you;
  • Help you overcome and conquer your fears;
  • Make you realise your own strength;
  • Build your fitness; improve technique;
  • And last but not least, have fun.

    Let me help you on your mountain biking journey - where I hope that you will go places you never thought were possible.

    For more information on my services and what I can do to help you on your mountain biking journey, please email or whatsapp +27-82-223-6826 with your requirements.


    PMBIA Certified - Level 1 MTB Instruction and Guiding - Mar 2022.

    BICP Certified
    - Internationally Accredited, Level 1 Instructor - Fundamentals Skills and Ride Guide - Feb 2020 & Bridging Nov 2020.

    SSISA Certified - Cycling Science

    Member & Student Coach - Association of British Cycling Coaches

    Registered & Licenced Coach with Cycling South Africa