Purific Water Sanitiser


PURIFIC is passionate about water – clean, safe, healthy water!  Unfortunately, many of our natural water resources are heavily contaminated with pollution, sewage and other organic waste products which render these scarce resources unsafe for human or animal consumption. Many solutions exist to treat this water, some effective, some not so effective.  Some filtering solutions like traditional Reverse Osmosis (RO) actually remove most of the good salts and minerals present in our water, thus rendering the water “pure” but then it’s not really healthy, is it?  Other solutions look to using harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals to treat the pathogens in our water resources. In many solutions Chlorine (in various forms) is used to kill bacteria and other bugs. 

PURIFIC is a point-of-use powder that gets dissolved in the contaminated water and within minutes will ensure that water is clean, safe and healthy to drink for both humans and animals.  All the natural salts and minerals are still in the water.  Only the bad stuff is eliminated. 

There is no chemical-like odour once the water is treated with PURIFIC.  

So rather than investing is expensive filtering systems to make your water safe or resorting to treating your water with harsh and often toxic chemicals, use PURIFIC at the source and everyone will be happy.  

PURIFIC believes in providing quality, cost-effective solutions to the industries they service.  

They believe the markets they target require specific Disinfectant and Pathogen treatment solutions that are non-toxic but effective and do not harm Humans or Animals in any way. 

PURIFIC'S vision is to become the most efficient supplier of treatment solutions to our targeted markets by any measure. 

PURIFIC has been rigorously tested by the following highly regarded, SANAS-accredited laboratories in South Africa and all of them have confirmed that PURIFIC is very effective at killing all harmful bacteria.

  • Aquatico
  • CSIR
  • Waterlab

    Currently PURIFIC Water Sanitiser is offered in the following treatment options:

    • 3gram sachet which treats 20–25 litres of contaminated water

    • 800gram bag which treats 5 000 litres of contaminated water

    • Larger treatment options can be provided on request

       These treatments sanitise the water within minutes.