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EI8HT: Skin is a functional product for people who want to improve the quality and appearance of their skin yet boost their immunity at the same time. Using our patented oxygen delivery system that is at the core of all of our products, EI8HT: Skin delivers 1000mg of pure Vitamin C to both the dermis and the epidermis, contributing to normal collagen formation, skin function and wellbeing.  Keeping it true to its label of being all NATURAL, VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE.

EI8HT Skin Packs available in 14 and 28.

Directions for use:

Add EI8HT to Water.

Tear the top of the sachet completely and pour EI8HT into a bottle containing around 200ml of plain water. Ensure the bottle has a headspace, roughly 1/3 of the bottle volume.  The friction between the formula and the water in this headspace enables the micro-bubbles to be activated.

Shake to activate.

Replace the bottle cap and shake vigorously for 30 seconds to activate and create the micro-bubbles.

Drink within 15 minutes.