800gm Purific Bag - 5000L Treatment

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  • 1 x 800gm bag treats 5 000 litres of contaminated water. 

Waterborne pathogens are becoming more of a problem as more untreated raw effluent is released into our river systems, polluting the groundwater accordingly. These pathogens find their way into all parts of our lives. Harmful bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, Shigella can lead to Cholera and Typhoid if left untreated. Many people are resorting to using Household Bleach (hydrogen peroxide) to deal contaminated water or with surface cleaning. This can affect the people using the bleach very negatively. Bleach has a particular chemical odour to it. It can also affect the taste of the water. 

PURIFIC is a proprietary brand of water sanitizer that is guaranteed to kill all harmful bacteria and yet is non-toxic and safe for humans and animals to consume. PURIFIC can be used without the need of any protective clothing or safety equipment. It doesn’t have any strong odour and yet is very effective in disinfecting contaminated water from all harmful bacteria. PURIFIC contains a very effective flocculant which starts binding with molecules in suspension in the contaminated water as soon as it is introduced to the water and within a short period of time, it effectively utilises gravity to draw these unwanted molecules to the bottom of the container, thus rendering the water clear and at the same time free from harmful bacteria and viruses. 

PURIFIC is able to completely eliminate harmful bacteria in the contaminated water within 20 minutes of being applied. The time the PURIFIC flocculant takes to clear the molecules in suspension is highly dependent on the level of turbidity – the concentration or level of molecules already in suspension. The higher the turbidity, the longer it takes to clear. On average, one hour is sufficient time to clear the water. 

PURIFIC has been rigorously tested by the following highly regarded, SANAS-accredited laboratories in South Africa and all of them have confirmed that PURIFIC is very effective at killing all harmful bacteria and rendering the water safe to consume. 

  • Aquatico
  • CSIR
  • Standards Authority Zimbabwe 

PURIFIC can be used to disinfect any water contaminated with harmful bacteria or viruses. 

As PURIFIC is non-toxic, no specific safety precautions are required when treating the water – no special clothing or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required. 

Material Safety Data Sheet